The Virtual Magnolia Community Farmer’s Market

May 21, 2020

An update to our COVID-19 Response

To Our Valued Friends and Neighbors,

Due to ongoing concerns regarding group gatherings in public spaces, the committee for the Magnolia Community Farmers Market has decided to put a temporary hold on our plans to open the market street-side on Lexington Avenue on May 31, 2020.

We are excited to announce in its stead we have worked hard to develop an online market, which will feature many regular vendors we love, along with new and exciting vendors as well. We will run this virtual market offering a drive-thru pick-up on Sunday morning beginning May 31, 2020 and proceed until further notice.  

As a customer of the market, you will be able to access locally sourced and produced items such as seafood, baked goods, prepared foods, cheeses and more. Simply  click on each vendor’s link in our virtual shop, and add products to your online shopping cart.  Prepare to shop from local vendors like Bonny Breads, Eclectic Clam, The Cave, Carolyn’s Farm Kitchen, North of Boston Farms, and Beckah’s Bangin Butter, just to name a few!

To participate in our virtual market, follow these easy instructions:

1. Access the online shop by going to The online store will open on Monday mornings and remain open until Noon on Fridays in preparation for the Sunday morning market contactless pickup.

2. Enjoy your shopping experience by clicking on the vendor you would like to shop from and add items to your cart.

3. Submit your order to the market by providing us with your contact information on the order form when checking out, and pay for your order via credit card or Paypal.

4. MCFM committee members will confirm your order via email, and provide you with your order number and the time-frame to pick up your order on Sunday.

5. Orders will be available via contactless pick-up on Sunday mornings, during your assigned time-frame, in LOT B of the JD Myer and Friends Pub, accessed from Flume Road.  Please enter the parking lot from the Flume Road entrance, and be prepared to present your order number from the window of your vehicle to committee members. 

6. A committee member will place your weekly order in the trunk of your vehicle, along with your invoice/receipt. Traffic must then exit onto Lexington Avenue by way of Lot A of the pub.

Our first pick-up date will be on Sunday, May 31. The online shop will open on Monday, May 25 and purchasing will be closed Friday May 29 at 12, noon.  

We hope to see you all online, supporting local businesses, and we look forward to continuing to serve you, our neighbors and friends, by providing access to fresh foods and local wares to Magnolia and her surrounding neighborhoods.

See you on-line!

The Committee for The Magnolia Community Farmers Market

Some Thoughts

2 Comments on “The Virtual Magnolia Community Farmer’s Market
  • Christine

    June 17, 2020

    Details about Sunday pick-up
    What are the pick-up hours for Sunday mornings? I could not find the hours on the site. Maybe I missed them?
    Also, it might be helpful to post the Sunday pick-up location, instructions and hours in a slightly more promminent place on one of the web pages and not just within the itemized numbered instructions.
    We are excited you are doing this and wish you all the best this season, under these circumstances.

    • thebrassandbones

      June 17, 2020

      Good morning! Thank you for contacting us, as we value our customer’s response to the market! Pick up time is between 11am-12noon on Sunday mornings, and customers are assigned a specific time frame during that hour to stop by to pick up your order (i.e., 11-11:15). You will receive an email from the market on Friday afternoons detailing your order, your allotted pick-up time and directions to Lot B of JD Meyers Pub, which is the designated spot for contact-less pick up. We also place signs on Normand Ave, Ocean Ave and Flume Street to further help direct customers to our site.
      We hope this clarifies things for you, and we appreciate your reaching out to let us know how we can make this information more visible on our page! We hope to see you Sunday, and thank you for your support of the market!

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